Areas of Service & Expertise


FROHWITTER Intellectual Property Counselors provide a “one stop full service” on all intellectual property related matters offering a complete range of services with respect to intellectual property law; our services start with the filing of your application, prosecution of your application before the respective offices, proceeding through to the enforcement and successful exploitation of your intellectual property rights. With specialist teams and interdisciplinary teamwork we work with you confidentially and with high personal dedication to obtain and develop your individual intellectual property portfolio bringing together our specialists in the individual areas of law, in particular in patent, utility model, trademark, design, copyright and unfair competition law. One of our strengths is the ability to provide you with an interdisciplinary expert team, individually tailored to target the project in order to find the best business oriented solutions. This complete range of expertise for intellectual property services is formed by Lawyers, Patent Attorneys and Patent Experts, which are supported furthermore by highly experienced Business Advisors in the areas of Merger & Acquisition and Venture Capital.

You can benefit from our three main pillars:


The basis for your intellectual property rights is obtained during the drafting and application procedure. For obtaining and protecting your valuable intellectual property rights for technical inventions, trademarks and designs we are pleased to dedicate our expertise to:

  • Prior art searches;
  • Drafting, filling and prosecution of patent, utility model, trademark and design applications;
  • Preparation of statements to office actions;
  • Preparation of Intellectual Property due diligences;
  • Preparation of “Freedom to Operate” analysis;

For these purposes FROHWITTER Intellectual Property Counselors practise before the German Patent and Trademark Office (GPTO), the German Federal Patent Court, the UK Intellectual Property Office, the European Patent Office (EPO), the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO).


Intellectual property rights can give their owners and/or exclusive licensees an exclusive right which may be enforced against other players in the market. The successful enforcement of these rights becomes a powerful business weapon. Litigation before the courts, border seizures as well as preliminary injunctions are available measures to enforce IP Rights. On the other hand, a successful defence against unjustified claims maintains your freedom to operate.

Our “in-house litigation team” consists of highly experienced lawyers working together with our patent attorneys to provide combined legal excellence and technical expertise to present a powerful and effective partner for your business needs in both cases of enforcement of your patents, utility models, trademarks, designs or copyrights against infringers and for defence against unjustified claims of competitors. To this end we prepare, file and respond to:

  • Oppositions,
  • Nullity and cancellation actions,
  • Requests for preliminary injunctions,
  • Protective rights against infringement complaints,
  • Protective letters, and
  • Appeal briefs

For your overall representation the Lawyers of FROHWITTER Intellectual Property Counselors are admitted before the German District Courts and the Higher Regional Courts. In nullity proceedings the Lawyers and Patent Attorneys are also admitted before the German Federal Patent Court and the Federal Court of Justice.


The financial benefits of patents, utility models, trademark and designs can extend beyond the initial grant. FROHWITTER Intellectual Property Counselors and advisors have extensive experience in licensing, commercialising and exploitation of our clients valuable rights. We understand our clients’ commercial goals and provide innovative, individually tailored advice aiming at business driven solutions for the commercialisation of your patents, utility models, trademarks, designs and /or copyrights. With our interdisciplinary team consisting of legal experts, patent experts and business advisors FROHWITTER Intellectual Property Counselors create business opportunities based on the integration of Intellectual Property analysis skills and commercial analytic tools and advise especially in:

  • strategic and tactical management of intellectual property rights portfolios;
  • valuations of intellectual property rights;
  • licensing and commercialization of intellectual property rights;